Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization or “SEO” is the part that is the most fun about your website for me. I get to find the right formula to make you get the optimum results. Want more sign ups? Want more revenue from the Web? Need leads for your sales team? Whatever your goal is, SEO is the way we get you noticed by search engines like Google and Bing so your site is in the results and you get the traffic and results you desire.

Simply put, online marketing is making sure your potential customers find you on the Web easily through search engines, social media, and other websites. There’s more to it than simply building a website and asking people to buy your product, sign up for your service, or book an appointment.

Why Is SEO Important?

Times have changed. A lot. The days of depending on the Yellow Pages are long behind us. Today, creating a web page is essential to any business, big or small. It is the most effective way of getting your brand to reach other people.

What is SEO?

Chances are if you own a business or work with one, you have heard the term “SEO” thrown around. SEO stands for Search Optimization and it’s going to become your best friend in effectively marketing online. One of the first things we do when we log into the web is search for something. For most browsers, the search engine is set to the default homepage.

When we type something into the search bar, the search engine returns a list of results. In fact, Google uses an algorithm that will automatically help us find what we’re looking for. If you type the word “auto” into Google, it automatically generates a list of searches that you may be interested in.

When you arrive at the results page, there are TONS of links, but the most important links are right in front of you. This is right where you want your website to be, on the first page. The way your website is presented, the keywords that are used, social media, and the quality of written content are going to help you get there.

You Keep Mentioning Google

Google is the largest search engine in the world, therefore it’s the most important. There are approximately 2 Billion searches a day through the search engine giant. They also set the standard for what is, and what isn’t acceptable on the web. If you conduct the best practices for SEO available, your website will be rewarded in ways you didn’t think were possible.

Why Bother With SEO?

Knowing how to properly market your company through means of search engine optimization is virtually the only way to be found on the web nowadays. When you search for something, whether it be a question, word, or phrase, there are literally millions of results that get displayed instantly. The goal of any business or blog is to be in the top ranking search results. This is something to pay close attention to because those links are 9 times out of 10 the most visited. If you have advertisers on your site, page visits are crucial. You can also pay to have your website listed in the top search results. These links will usually be on the right of the page or have the word “Ad” next to them.

If you utilize certain marketing techniques for your webpage correctly…this could potentially mean more people and what does more people mean? MORE CLIENTS!

What NOT To Do

SEO can also hurt you if not done properly. If Google determines that you’ve used bad practices or even illegal ones, your site can be banned from the results page. A few bad practices include: spamming, keyword stuffing with invisible text, using duplicate content that you have either written or taken from someone else, and giving your clients content that is not related to your subject, are just a few of them. This also applies to Social Media. If you use Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ to post up the same content multiple times a day, it will be regarded as spam. Google uses what are called “spiders” to “crawl” for these types of mistakes and they are very smart little critters. If you always implement best practices, you can guarantee that your website will soar.

How Can We Help Your Business Grow?

Writing content, managing social media accounts, and researching keywords can be time consuming. While you can accomplish SEO yourself, it may be beneficial to look into an agency who can help you grow online. By giving your clients rich original content that is geared to fit them directly and creating user engagement among social media channels, we can spread your brand’s awareness in a way that will greatly advantageous to you. Annalytical is an Orange County SEO firm that believes an organic approach will always be the best approach.

Hopefully, after reading this information, you are convinced about the benefits and value of an integrated SEO strategy in growing your business. Although this is only the tip of the iceberg, these are some of the most significant aspects of SEO. The next time someone asks you, “Why is SEO so important for business?” You will be nearly an expert on the subject!